tisdag, augusti 06, 2013

Austerlitze - W.G Sebald

Bild och baksidetext från boktipset.se

"Austerlitz," the internationally acclaimed masterpiece by "one of the most gripping writers imaginable" ("The New York Review of Books"), is the story of a man's search for the answer to his life's central riddle. A small child when he comes to England on a "Kindertransport" in the summer of 1939, one Jacques Aus-terlitz is told nothing of his real family by the Welsh Methodist minister and his wife who raise him. When he is a much older man, fleeting memories return to him, and obeying an instinct he only dimly understands, he follows their trail back to the world he left behind a half century before. There, faced with the void at the heart of twentieth-century Europe, he struggles to rescue his heritage from oblivion.

Mitt betyg:
 En svårläst bok som tog lång tid att komma in i och som jag stundtals ville lägga ifrån mig och inte läsa mer i men den tog sig lite efter halva och blev då ganska intessant.

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